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5 ways to build that self-confidence within you

Are you someone who has struggled to be confident all your life?  Do you remember that time when you weren’t able to express your feeling due to a lack of self-confidence and made crap out of yourself? And what about that chill you felt in your backbone while giving that minor presentation in front of your friends? 

I bet most of us have gone through such an embarrassing situation somewhere or the other time across our lives.

But good news self- confidence is not something that arrives at birth. It’s a skill, one that can be developed like any other skill, through intentional practice.

Self-confidence is not only about how you showcase yourself on the outside but also about how you feel on the inside.


Here are some tips to boost your self-confidence so that you could be the best version of yourself that you have ever imagined to be:

Work on your body language, postures

Your body language says a lot about your confidence. Even if you don’t feel confident, practicing confident body language can increase your self-esteem and make you feel better about yourself. 

Making Eye contacts, standing up straight, keeping your chin up, not fidgeting are some of the gestures to improve your body language and will help to boost your self-confidence.

 A study by Ohio State University found that our posture can also affect how we think about ourselves.

            “The body says what words cannot” – Martha Graham

Work on yourself 

We spend a lot of our energy worrying about how worthless we are and how everyone else is better than us. I don’t know what it is but we humans always tend to put ourselves down in every possible way we could. 

Criticizing yourself does nothing but pulls your self-esteem so down that you lose all the self-confidence within you.

So it’s high time to wake up and invest all your energy in creating a better version of you. Because it’s your stuff that you need to clean up nobody else is going to come and do it for you. Make that commitment to yourself, to your peace. 

One simple way is to figure out your weaknesses and strength. For e.g., If you get really nervous around people while talking try to get better on that part, talk to yourself more often try giving a speech in front of the mirror.

Practice mindfulness

For this one, I just remember a quote by  Thích Nhất Hạnh

“Many people are alive but don’t touch the miracle of being alive.” 

I don’t know how many of you can relate to it but I personally find this line so powerful. The present moment is the only time over which we have dominion. There is no better time than now to achieve whatever you want. 

But how often do we live in this present moment? Very less, right. We mostly are found either regretting our past or anticipating our future that does don’t exist. 

So, it’s very important to be aware of your present situation. The self-awareness, you guys it’s everything. Once you start living in your present moment you will start making the right choices in your life .you start noticing more self-confidence coming to your side. 

One of the best ways to practice mindfulness is meditation. A few minutes of meditation every morning will help you clear your mind and set your goals. Journaling could help too.

Give Yourself Permission To Be In The Process, Take Risks and Make Mistakes

Self-confidence doesn’t happen to you overnight especially if you have struggled with it in your past. You need rigorous practice and self-awareness. Talking precisely it’s a process. So, the journey will definitely not be smooth. You will have emotional imbalances, self-doubts, sometimes you will feel that you are putting too much effort and not getting anything and there might be more than that.  

But in the midst of everything, it’s important to remember that these feelings, these hard moments will help to grow your self-confidence.

So, try not to get embarrassed about these situations instead, start taking risks. come out of your comfort zone and start exploring and trust me you will discover something new about yourself.

For example, you are really afraid and nervous to talk in front of the crowd Today, take this initiative and ask your teacher to provide you an opportunity to host a program that’s happening after a week at your college or what about taking part in a poem competition. Start doing the things that you fear the most. Let go of your insecurities and focus on what you really want in your life.

Don’t go harsh on yourself, start giving credits to yourself

At the end of the day, self-confidence is all about self-love and how much you value yourself. When was the last time you celebrated any of your achievements? Did you even celebrate it? Or even tap your back proudly for achieving it. Did you? Most of us don’t. 

It’s not fair to go so harsh on yourself. In fact, you are the only one who has seen yourself grow. Only you know how hard you pushed yourself to be in the place where you are today. So, start cherishing every achievement. The achievement might not be something skyrocketing but still, give that credit you deserve to keep yourself motivated.

 Offer yourself your favorite meal, go for a movie, what about solo trips that you have been planning from ages, or gift yourself a book that you wanted to read for a very long time. This will boost the confidence within you. Just start this habit of valuing yourself and see how your life changes.

To conclude

Practice makes perfect, and the same rule goes for this too. As said earlier, You cannot expect to be self-confident overnight, it’s a process so it takes time especially if you have struggled with it in the past. So, you need to practice self-confidence to get there as this confident figure.

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