Prokura Innovations

Drone Delivery

Drone help in fast, easy and convenient delivery of goods

Drones have the potential to break the barriers of good transportation. Drones can deliver payloads such as medicines to food and ecommerce products. This leads to quick and efficient delivery. 

We provide customized drones for specific payload deliveries based on the type of payload, flight time and range.


Custom Drone Manufactured in Nepal
A quad coper drone flying in the ky
A drone deleloped to provide services to people in the remote areas

Drone Monitoring System

We provide the Drone Monitoring System to manage and monitor the network of drones used in the delivery service.  We can monitor the real-time data of the exact GPS position of the drone, give it instructions to follow a specified mission and override the controls for emergency landing and return to home. It will be integrated to Air Traffic Control in the future for better interoperability.


Inventory Management System

We provide customized inventory management systems to different industry verticals based on the type of inventory. The inventory management system is available in both mobile and web versions. The system can be adapted to use for medicine delivery, food delivery, goods delivery etc.