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Fixed Wing Drone assembly and stress analysis

Fixed Wing Drone assembly and stress analysis



Problem Statement in Wing to Fuselage Joint

Our drone weights 14kg and has a wing span of 2.6 meter. To make the assembly of wing and fuselage quick and simple, Quick Release Axle is used in design to lock the leading edge part of the wing. The full procedure to install a wing on fuselage would be first to put a wing on the wing, then slide it forward to lock the trailing edge part of the wing with fuselage and install the Quick Release Axle to lock the leading edge part of the wing with fuselage. The leading edge’s locking part of the wing  is shifted forward as shown in Figure 1 so that same Quick Release Axle could be used to lock a battery with fuselage, although the lock for battery has not been designed properly yet. But the problem is the result from the stress analysis shows that joint to be very risky. First, the analysis was done with plywood as a material. Later, 4mm of plywood was sandwiched between 1mm Stainless Steel plates. The result of stress analysis of wing to fuselage joint in Ansys is shown in Figure 2. 


So our options that we are planning to make changes to solve this problems are given below:

  1. Reduce distance between spar rod and lock (Shifting a locking part just below the spar rod)
  2. Change the material to Carbon fiber (But it is avoided as possible as we can due to the current situation of COVID-19 and lockdown because we have to import carbon fiber sheet from China)
  3. Increase the thickness of joint ( This will increase weight )

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