Prokura Innovations

Cheap, Quick and Efficient

How it works

Our drones connect the hardest to reach places in Nepal to provide last mile medical delivery in a cheap, quick and efficient manner.

Sub Health Post


The personnel in a remote sub-health post inquires what medicines or blood packets are required and orders them via phone, message, or app to the distribution center.

Get Notified

The personnel in the remote sub-health post receives a notification that the drone has been dispatched with the ordered medicines and he/she is required to come out in the open space to receive the payload after some specified time.

Receive the Order

The personnel receives the ordered items.

Distribution Center

Receipt of Order
The personnel in the distribution center receives the order by phone, text and mobile app. Orders can be scheduled in advance or placed on demand for just-in-time delivery.
Preparing Package

The personnel in the distribution center prepares the package for delivery. The packaging is done depending upon the payload to protect the payload during delivery.


The drone is prepared and loaded with the package and finally launched.


The package is released with the help of a parachute in the predetermined location convenient to the personnel in the sub-health post. The drone adjusts its flight path depending upon the real-time data of the wind so that the package is dropped safely in the designated location.

Our strength

We are capable of providing a range of features and services to complement your logistic needs

Hundreds of deliveries per day

1.2 kg payload

30 km service radius

Web monitoring and control

Inventory management

All weather

90 km/hr cruise speed

Robust communication