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How To Start a Journey of Becoming a Front-End Developer

How To Start a Journey of Becoming a Front-End Developer


What is Web Development?

Web Development refers to building, creating, and maintaining websites. It includes aspects such as web design, web publishing, web programming, and database management.

The two fundamental parts of web development

Front-end: It refers to the part of the website, which users can see and interact with.

Back-end: It refers to the part of the website, which users cannot see or interact with, but basically everything that happens behind the scenes can be attributed as back-end.

Introduction to Front-end

Front-end refers to the part of the website, which users can see, touch, and interact with such as a graphical user interface (GUI), and a command-line including the design, navigation menus, videos, texts, images, links, etc. Front-end is all about a visual aspect of a website that a user can see and interact.

Front-end is also referred to as a ‘Client-Side’.Typically, a client-side refers to the computer application such as a browser that is viewing it.

Why Front-end is so Important

Web development services help our company to increase product knowledge, maintain communication between the company and potential clients, sell our products or services, generate leads for the business, and increase the popularity of our company and much more.

A successful business requires a functional, clean, and attractive website to appeal to clients and maintain their interest. Front end development of a website is crucial to this concept. The wrong type of development not only creates an unsightly appearance but also drives away business.

Role of Front-end Developer

The role of a front -end developer is to create an environment that the users can see,touch and interact with the help of the combination of several front-end tools like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. 

Front-end Tools

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript


To be a good front-end developer, firstly your HTML has to be strong because they are known as building blocks, which provides a basic structure of the page. As long as you are not good at HTML, it doesn’t matter how good you are in  CSS or in JavaScript,  it will not be effective because they depend on HTML

Definition of HTML

HTML is a markup language, which gives a basic layout of how the web-page would look like. It is used to create electronic documents(called pages) and displayed on a World Wide Web (WWW).

We can conclude that HTML as the bones(structure) of a web page, and CSS as it’s the skin(appearance) and JavaScript as a brain that provides the functionality to the page. JavaScript allows us to implement complex features on a web-page dynamically

Definition of CSS(Cascading Styling Sheet)

CSS Stands for “Cascading Style Sheet.” Cascading style sheets are used to format the layout of Web pages. They can be used to define text styles, table, sizes, and other aspects of Web pages that previously could only be defined in a page’s HTML.

CSS just does one thing;it describes how a web-page looks like or should look like.


The other basic but important part of being a good front-end developer is to be good at CSS.  The CSS is required to provide the required styling to the page to make it look good, because the skin of the website is very important to attract the client’s  and the part of CSS comes here to play and make the website cleaner and stylish.

The CSS is also required, when it comes to make a website Responsive and size-friendly and also to add animations and to add many more other features on it..

Definition of JavaScript

JavaScript is a text-based single-threaded object-oriented programming language used on both client-side and server-side that allows us to make the web-pages interactive and dynamic.


The most important aspect of becoming a good front-end developer is to have a deep knowledge of JavaScript.JavaScript is a powerful tool that can do many things for a website. For one, it is used to make web-page dynamic and interactive by implementing custom client-side scripts. JavaScript makes it possible to build rich UI components such as image sliders, pop-ups, site-navigation menus, form-validations, and much more dynamically. 

JavaScript improves the user experience of a web page by converting it from a static page into an interactive one. We can also say that JavaScript adds behavior to the web pages.

What JavaScript can do

  • JavaScript can change the HTML content
  • JavaScript can change the HTML attribute values
  • JavaScript can change the HTML styles(CSS)
  • JavaScript can hide HTML elements.

To Learn About node JS go here

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