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Prokura Innovation is the leading drone service providing company in Nepal established in 2017. It is one of the drone startups funded by the Unicef Innovation Fund and work closely with National Innovation Center with an aim to provide last mile delivery of medicines in the hardest to reach places of Nepal. Although Prokura is a custom machine design company by origin , it has mainly focused on providing drone related services since 2019.

A Product Design Company For Delivering Cutting Edge Technology

Our Aim is to provide custom design, fabrication solution, drone services and maintenance services to our client, and ensure substantial quality.


At Prokura Innovations , we develop extraordinary drones that other companies believed impossible to create.
With extensive experience and a strong development design system platform, we are able to create high-quality industrial quality drones quickly and efficiently.


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Product Design

We are focused on delivering exemplary products appertaining to the requirements.

Drone Services

The principal objective is medical delivery in parallel with services like package delivery, survey and rescue operations. Incubation for the drone project was provided by National Innovation Center, Nepal.

Maintenance Services

Maintenance Services to different industries and factories.

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Working at Prokura has been an amazing experience. I get to do what I enjoy the most while also solving problems and contributing to society.
Mr. Shovan Raj Shrestha
software Engineer
At Prokura I develop, design and fabricate complex systems that solve complicated real world problems all the while growing and learning with Prokura.
Mr. Swainn Shrestha
Electronics Engineer

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