Prokura Innovations

Drone Mapping
Drone mapping can solve that clarity issue. A highly detailed aerial map allows for insight into the property details without requiring a client to be there in person. And with the help of a licensed land surveyor, contour lines and accurate borders can even be overlaid onto the imagery.

Capturing the data with a drone

When we use drones to capture images to make a map, ourĀ X5R camera is mounted to the bottom of our DJI Inspire 1 and is usually pointed vertically down to the ground. Multiple overlapping photos of the ground below are captured as the aircraft flies autonomously along a flight path that we specify beforehand. This ensures we don’t miss anything and enough image overlap is achieved.

Proposed flight plan over field

Processing the images

This is the hard bit, if it was possible to do this manually the process could take years of painstakingly stitching and adjusting the images so they fit together and give a true orthographic view. Fortunately, there are now computers to do that for us!

The software easily enables us to put together a comprehensive survey of land, buildings and infrastructure and presents it in a variety of easy to manage formats. The best feature is the ability to take accurate measurements of length, area and volume straight from the maps.

Proposed flight plan over field

Gallery of Drone Mapping