Medicine Delivery In Nangi, Myagdi

Prokura Innovation is the leading drone service providing company in Nepal established in 2017. It is one of the drone startups funded by the Unicef Innovation Fund and work closely with National Innovation Center with an aim to provide last mile delivery of medicines in the hardest to reach places of Nepal.

Mechanized Material Ropeway

Mechanized Material Ropeway systems by Prokura Innovations are the perfect solution for material transportation in difficult terrains or protected landscapes. Safety, reliability, speed, sustainability and low operation costs are only a few characteristics of the system. The ropeway system can be customized to meet the specific requirements and perfectly tailored to the needs of the customer.

Water Filter

The filter has been completely designed and prototyped under the roof of Prokura Innovations. With its low cost and quality assurance the product aims to address the problem of rural people who are unable to afford high cost filtration systems. Filter has been designed to meet the rising demand of a quality filtration system at a low cost. Designed to operate without consuming any external energy, the filter harnesses the energy from water itself for its operation.

Water Mover

Water mowers offer an environmentally sound method of controlling excessive aquatic plant growth and nuisance vegetation in waterways of all sizes. These heavy duty work boats are highly efficient in the management of free floating aquatic vegetation. Like an underwater lawn mower, an aquatic weed harvester cuts the vegetation, collecting and storing the weeds on board.

Animatronics Services

Animatronics refers to the use of robotic devices to emulate a human or an animal, or bring lifelike characteristics to an otherwise inanimate object. We feel proud to state the fact that the animatronics services for the first and only robotics theatre in Nepal, Buddha Darshan, was developed by us. Launched in 2014, the theatre is attracting large number of local and international tourists every year.

3D Printing

3D printing is as fun as it is versatile. Imagine any component capable of standing upright, the 3D printer will make it for you. We have not only made models but some fully functional prototypes with our 3d printer. Our filter prototype is completely 3d printed. We’ve also spent some time playing with the 3D printer available to us and some fascinating objects in our cabinet are: a quadcopter, architectural model of residential building, lithophane.


Reconnoitre is a robotic base designed to serve the military purposes like reconnaissance and Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD). It is an Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) which can accommodate add-ons like surveillance camera or Robotic hand to serve different purposes as mentioned earlier. The vehicle can be further developed based on the need of military. 

Potey Machine

Potey machine has been designed to get rid of the tiresome job of stringing beads to make Potey, an ornamental item worn by Nepalese women. The machine is one of its kind and is capable of stringing very small sized beads popular in the Nepalese market. With increasing labor cost and decreasing availability of skilled manpower, we are confident that the machine will prove to be a boon to the bead stringing industry.