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What 4 months of Internship taught me?

What 4 months of Internship taught me?


It’s been about 4 months since I have been working as a JavaScript Intern at one of the drone companies in Nepal “prokura Innovations”. It was a completely unexpected journey as everything I have been doing is remote. Due to this unprecedented situation created by COVID-19, there was no option except to work remotely. All the work assignments, all the meetings, all the discussions everything we have been doing is done remotely. It’s amazing how the company has this culture of daily stand-ups even with the interns, helping us to remain intact and focussed.

Going back to the time I still remember I went for the interview at prokura with almost no qualification and complete naïveness. And quite unexpectedly I got a chance to work as an Intern. During the interview, I was told that we are working for a drone-related project, and they gave me a brief overview of what our project looks like and what we will achieve after its completion. It was quite hard for me to take whatever they have said then and there. Before joining this company I knew nothing about drones. The picture of what drones could do and what they are meant for was quite messed up in my head. 
To be very honest I have never thought about what drones are capable of doing because all I knew and have seen was drone being used for dropping flowers in some ceremonies that I have attended, that’s it. It’s quite lame, but I am speaking up my mind. 

Then the working days began with full enthusiasm. I was never a programming person. To put it another way, I never thought programming was my cup of tea. And still, I think the same. But it was easier for me to sink in with JavaScript. Some other ways I find it easier, and I was in kind of let’s explore it situation. Initially, I was given JavaScript courses that I completed with full dedication doing all the coding, completing Assignments, and trying to enjoy what I was doing without getting intimidated. Thanks to lockdown I was having extra time to learn without bothering about unnecessary chores that I would need to bother otherwise. For me everything was new. But thanks to our project manager and project lead for supporting me anytime. I was introduced to some new terms called Markdown language, TIL which were fascinating and were new for me.
I was really happy that yes I was learning something and that too for good. Most importantly I started to learn about drones more. To the level that okay they are not used for only dropping flowers in ceremonies, but they have a greater purpose and prokura is trying to bring out that value by providing effective drone services.  

As days pass by I got to learn a lot about drones from the conversations that I used to hear from my seniors during the stand-ups. I started researching drone services in Nepal and Outside Nepal. And that changed my perception of what drones are capable of doing. From a complete layman, I upgraded my understanding to a certain level about drones.

The project that I was a part of which I still am is the idea of a drone delivering health accommodation to the place with the most difficult landscapes in Nepal. It was something that hit me in the first place.  Well, it’s quite a new thing that I have never heard of before. An innovative way of serving the community at the same time uplifting the condition of health facilities in these less privileged parts of our country.  Never thought something like that could be done through a small flying object. I was proud that I was one of the contributors to this project.

The project is going on. Seniors are working their hearts out. I am also working on the software part. Hopefully, this project will be on board soon and prokura Innovations will cross another milestone of success. 

These four months have been a roller coaster ride for me. A ride that provided me with a lot of knowledge, exposure, and of course I met some amazing people to whom I owe. The ride was not always flowers and rainbows some days were hard and frustrating too. It was difficult to understand codes, sometimes I felt like giving up, self-doubts eating me up. But Still, I managed to stand up, and I am going on.  

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